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couple and the erection

The Couple And The Erection – A Fundamental Support

When I am in my sexologist clinic in Delhi and a patient consults me about an erection problem with his partner in front of me, I think to myself, ‘we already have half won’…and how true it is.

What patient to say with a partner?

When a patient comes with his partner to indirectly consult a problem of erectile dysfunction, many things have happened before. They both know it, they’ve talked about it, they’ve tried to work it out, they probably love each other, they’re having sex or had sex normally and regularly, and that’s a great start.

The truth is that to address a sexual problem, the involvement of the couple is fundamental and essential. In addition, we must not forget, and I repeat it to my patients, that any treatment for erectile dysfunction requires nitric oxide to be released from the penis and this is equivalent to the patient having high levels of sexual arousal. If these medicines cannot act, it is something similar to ‘gasoline for a car engine’.

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It must also be taken

It must also be taken into account that no matter how much pills help you have if he has high levels of ‘anticipatory anxiety, which is equal to an adrenaline rush (great enemy of the erection?), things will not go well.

The couple understanding

For this reason, the collaboration of the couple, their understanding, and their assent to the situation is essential in order to reach a successful conclusion and not increase the levels of fear and anxiety of the affected person in the face of possible failure.

In addition, there are many scientific studies that support the role of the couple as an important ally to carry out changes in lifestyle. These changes represent the first step of erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi for patients.

Small daily changes

Many times we have talked on our blog that small daily changes can lead to great improvements in health and also in an erection. Increasing physical exercise, quitting smoking or minimizing tobacco consumption, losing weight, and having more free time, are tasks that are easier to do if the partner collaborates.

In short, in things in life and especially when ‘problems’ arise, it is better to try to solve them ‘together’, that is, as a couple.

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