Doctor P.K. Gupta is an M.B.B.S., M.D., P.G.D.S., and a member of the Council for sex education and Parenthood (International). Moreover, he is a former Senior Resident – at S.G.M. Hospital, Delhi Govt., Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi Govt.,  and G. B. Pant Hospital, Delhi Govt.  Dr PK Gupta is the most famous and the Best Sexologist in Delhi with experience of 20+ years. 

One of the top sexologist doctors in Delhi who specialize entirely in treating sexual problems and dysfunctions. Treatment is available for male sexual weakness concerns, such as erectile dysfunction, poor erection, loss of libido, decreased sexual urge, small size, nighttime trouble, spermatheca, and premature ejaculation. 

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Dr. PK Gupta - Best Sexologist In Delhi

Dr. P. K. Gupta is the best sexologist in Delhi in using natural, accepted permitted ways to address problems with sexual diseases. Nonetheless, patients of all types can benefit from having their sexual issues treated effectively and economically owing to our time-tested treatment methods. 

Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low libido, sperm difficulties, infertility, piles, fissures, fistulas, and pilonidal sinuses can all be treated effectively at Dr. PK Gupta’s Clinic. Our clinic is run by Dr. PK Gupta, a well-known Sexologist in Delhi & Delhi-NCR, and employs highly qualified medical professionals with experience in a range of medical specializations.

Out of concern for the expanding health difficulties that people are currently facing, Sexologist Doctor in Delhi has decided to go online and offer online consultations for those seeking solutions to their problems. After reviewing your case, they will make a therapy recommendation based on the results of the diagnostic tests you previously underwent at a different stage of your treatment plan.

However, with low-intensity shock wave therapy and complementary therapies. Both the medication and shockwave therapy have no side effects. Nowadays, sexual problems become more casual due to hectic modern lifestyles and relationship barriers. People usually don’t know how to treat these kinds of problems. No one can provide a better consultation than a sexologist.

Sexual Treatments Provided By Our Sexologist In Delhi

He has a long list of honors to his credit and is well-skilled and competent in treating sexual diseases. As the specialty Sexologist Clinic in Delhi, giving people the best care so they can live happy, healthy lives without compromising their sexual health is his area of specialty. 

best sexologists in Delhi

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the continuous inability to produce or maintain a penile erection powerful enough for gratifying sexual performance. Furthermore, erectile dysfunction used to be thought to be caused by psychological issues. It is generally understood that a medical condition typically affects the blood flow to the penis. 

The primary cause of erectile dysfunction in the majority of men. Hence, get the best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Delhi from the top sexologist doctor. There have been significant advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Premature Ejaculation

When you experience an orgasm immediately before or within a minute of having intercourse, it is known as premature ejaculation. However, males aren’t required to ejaculate for a set period of time during sex, but if you do and then lose your erection, you and your partner can feel that there isn’t enough time to enjoy it. Even though it may be uncomfortable and inconvenient, many guys deal with this problem.

Penis Enlargement

Penile enlargement, sometimes called male enhancement or penile enlargement is any procedure intended to increase a person’s penis size. Moreover, the length of the complete structure, the diameter of the shaft, or the size of the glans are all targets of various approaches. Techniques include surgery, drugs, creams, patches, and manual interventions such as pumping, and traction. Despite the possibility of success, surgical penile enhancement treatments have dangers and are not advised by doctors unless a micropenis is present.

HIV & STDs Treatment

STD Medications Cannot Stop HIV Infection. Getting Treated For An STD Will Prevent You From Developing Its Problems And From Infecting Your Sex Partners. Treatment For Other STDs Does Not Stop The Transmission Of HIV. Hence, If You Have Been Diagnosed With An STD, Consult Dr. PK Gupta And Know How You And Your Partner Can Prevent Getting The Same STD Or HIV Again.

The Curvature Of The Penis

This non-cancerous condition is caused by fibrous scar tissue that develops on the penis and causes unpleasant, curved erections. The presence of a curved erection is not always caused for concern because penises come in a variety of sizes and forms. However, some of the affected males have acute bending or discomfort. 

As a result, you might find it challenging to get or keep an erection or be unable to engage in sexual activity (erectile dysfunction). For many men, this condition also adds to their stress and worry. Another common concern is penis shortening. Besides, early treatment may stop the illness from worsening or possibly improve symptoms once the illness first appears. Treatment may be effective even if you’ve had the ailment for a time.

Sexologist Doctor PK Gupta's Treatment Procedure Includes


Although Many Other Sex Clinics Claim To Be The Greatest, A Comparison With Us Will Reveal That They Fall Well Short Of Our Standards. They Claim To Have A Success Rate That Is Far Lower Than Ours, And We Also Provide The Best Privacy Features So That Patients Don’t Have To Worry About Such Privacy-Related Issues When Receiving Treatment.We always operate in a way that can help you achieve your goals, and doing so has helped us become the best sexologist in Delhi. However, to determine the precise problem, the doctor initially consults patients in-depth about the sickness and then acts. The goal of problem diagnosis is to give the patient the appropriate treatment.

Diagnosis And Treatment

Our best sexologist in Delhi will explain the treatment strategy to patients after completing the diagnostic and determining the nature of the issue. Moreover, you can choose from a number of methods for the treatment. You will get confidence in the course of the diagnostic from a reputable sexologist doctor regarding the course of therapy. Further, you can proceed as you choose.


Following your treatment, you will be given certain follow-up instructions, which you must abide by to prevent the prearrival of any sexual issues again.

How Does Our Sexologist In Delhi Treat Sexual Disorders?

Dr. PK Gupta Will Assist You In Resolving Any Orgasmic Or Sex-Related Issues You May Be Having. He Is Someone Who Offers You The Greatest And Most Efficient Course Of Action To Facilitate Your Sexual Life. Moreover, He Applies Therapies And Remedies Of The Highest Caliber, Which Completely Eradicates The Illness. Every Consultation Is Conducted In Private Without The Involvement Of A Third Party. The Patients’ Privacy Comes First. There Are Also Online Consultations Accessible.

Why Choose Our Best Sexologist In Delhi?

Connect With Dr. Pk Gupta If You Need The Best Sexologist In Delhi For Any Male Sexual Issues. He Has Always Been Enthusiastic And Committed To Helping Male Sex Issues. As A Result Of His Zeal, He Has Garnered Awards From Many Of The Most Well-Known Sexology Organizations In The World. 

He has treated many patients with positive outcomes during his more than 20 years of professional experience as a sexologist in Delhi. We’ve found that unhealthy behaviors, poor eating habits, and a sedentary lifestyle are to blame for the majority of problems. Sexologist concentrates on providing treatments that are backed by scientific research in order to address these issues and ultimately enhance sexual performance. 

Get In Touch With Us For Better Sexual Health And Relationship

Get in touch with Best Sexologist Doctor in Delhi, Dr. P. K. Gupta, if you wish to use his online consultation service. Following a consultation, private medication delivery is also offered throughout India. If you want to learn more about your sexual health issues or if you want to regain confidence in yourself following a bad experience or incident. 

Therefore, Dr P K Gupta is the best sexologist in Delhi that would be pleased to offer you guidance that could help you overcome specific issues like stress incontinence. Through a private conversation, he offers online consultation, and no outside party is involved. Make an appointment as soon as possible to receive the therapy.

Best Sexologist In Delhi

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Please feel free to discuss this with our kind and knowledgeable sexologist doctor in Delhi Dr PK Gupta. A respected and well-known sexologist, Dr. Pk Gupta will help you overcome every sexual problem that is affecting your sexual life. He is a well-known expert in the field of sexual health care and can provide you with the quickest, most effective solutions to your specific issues.

Sexual Issues Affect 95% Of People At Some Point In Their Lives. The Existence Of Sexual Problems Is Quite Common.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sexologist In Delhi

A sexologist is a doctor who studies sexual relationships and sexology. The Sexologist doctor mainly treats sexual-related diseases and relationship-related problems.

A sexologist addresses problems with reproduction and relationships and offers a guided personal intervention that will assist you to get the most out of your relationship.

In order to find the best sexologist in Delhi see their qualification, background history, and experience. Dr. PK Gupta is qualified for all the requirements and provides the most desirable treatments.

The most highly recommended sexologist in Delhi is Dr. Pk Gupta, who has been practicing sexology professionally for more than 20 years. Reportedly, more than 45,000 patients have already been treated.

The consultation fee for new patients is Rs. 1000-1200 and for follow-up patients Rs. 400.

Yes, our consultations are always private. No third person will be involved. You can comfortably talk to specialist Dr. Pk Gupta. Medicines will be delivered to you by us after you complete the consultation session.

Through the website, you can call or email us. An executive will contact you for the online appointment. Moreover, medicines will also provide to you through shipment around the globe.

You can order medicines online by visiting our website. You have to take an appointment for a consultation regarding your problem. After that, we will provide you with medicines. 

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